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Fact Checking Policy

It is the intent of this campaign to publish content that is factually correct and up to date. That’s not an easy bar to clear when sources themselves may not be current or even correct in the data searched out. We invite all parties with a stake in the outcome of this campaign – seeing to it that the VA is persuaded and enabled to make available for forgiveness military and veteran unpayable medical debt – to willfully seek out and correct any possible mis- or dis-information. No “alternative facts” entertained, thank you.

Our position vis-à-vis the VA and VHA

Making this clear. In no way, shape or form is this campaign intending to impugn or devalue the importance of this amazing healthcare operation, the largest health care system in the U.S. consisting of 1,293 healthcare facilities, 171 VA Medical Centers, and 1,112 outpatient sites the to serve over 9 million veterans enrolled in the V.A. The failings are there as well, as under current policy only around 60 percent of these vets are eligible for care, based on length of service, service-connected injuries, service in designated combat theaters and income. Fewer than half of eligible veterans use VA health benefits.

We also know that the system works strenuously to address and solve issues, brought to their attention. That’s where we step in as we know that the full depth and negative impact of unpayable medical debt held by the VA or left unpaid to civilian hospitals has not caught their attention or lodged in their awareness.

Members, sponsors and partners involved in this #EndVetMedDebt are allied and confirmed in accomplishing one goal, and that is causing and enabling the VA system to make available this burden by making it available for total forgiveness and with no tax consequences to the recipients.

Last, this is not a fundraising campaign. This is an awareness building campaign. Through awareness, compassion is ignited, education is provided and action is the likely outcome. “If they don’t know about you, they can’t do anything about you.”