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D-Day, 80 years forward from 1944, is now Debt-Day

June 6, 2024, End Veteran Debt (EVD) marks the launch of “Debt-Day” as a major, year-long veteran debt abolishment campaign to end veteran debt and reduce veteran suicide.

On June 6, 1944, Americans and their Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy to begin the liberation of Europe. Eleven months later, the war was won, and our heroes began returning home to red-carpet treatment. 

Today’s veterans return to a different America.

We won't go into the seemingly hopeless statistics our veterans experience of homelessness, PTSD, alienation, job and food insecurity, broken families, and broken spirits, all of which lead to suicidal ideation and even the unimaginable act itself. 

We are here to do something about it and we want your help.

EVD and its Allies are committing to a year-long national Debt-Day fundraising campaign to abolish $80M in veteran debt. Symbolically, $1M for each of the 80 years that have passed.

Today, this page awaits the names and logos of the individuals and organizations who will partner with us to achieve this monumental goal of erasing $80,000,000 in veteran debt. Each time a logo appears a $1M campaign has begun. Another wave will have hit that beach. And another. And another. Until we make that beachhead

We’ll start with our logo as an example of the simplicity in making a campaign donation. They are tax-deductible* as the IRS allows, and a receipt will be generated automatically for tax preparation purposes.

*Monies distributed through a personal IRA cannot be used with 501(c)(3) private foundations and must be routed through a sponsoring charity. Please click here for more information.

Partner Campaigns

End Veteran Debt

A 501(c)(3) non-profit private charitable foundation with the express goal of ending Veteran debt.


You Can Anchor Operation Debt-Day. Donating $500 to $4,999 enables your designation as plank owner and links to your organization.


Would you like to partner with us for Debt-Day? We are waiting for you!


Would you like to partner with us for Debt-Day? We are waiting for you!