Whatever service or product your company or charity provides to ease the lives of our bravest, nothing gets more notice and press than a sustained campaign launched in partnership with EVD. Founder Jerry Ashton knows this formula intimately, having employed it at the charity he co-founded, RIP Medical Debt (RIP). In the past 10 years, RIP’s campaigns have secured enough donations and earned press to abolish BILLIONS of dollars in debt. Ten billion, to be more precise, releasing over seven million Americans from that burden.

Planned strategically around your organization’s mission, its purpose, and its fundraising event calendar, EVD puts its arsenal of “Impact Media” tools to bear on maximizing both the outcome and the press. Want to know more? Click here.

Featured Campaigns

End Veteran Medical Debt


Launched initially as a personal project by Jerry Ashton when he retired to the board of RIP, it has been modified and strengthened in content and impact by members of Veteran Mission Possible (MVP) and is now the core national campaign of EVD.

EVD, a collaborative of Solution Providers, started in 2022 in response to their experience in competing for funding through the VA’s Mission Daybreak contest to reduce veteran suicide. Incredibly, only 40 out of 1,371 entrants received financial rewards. A few dozen of those competitors decided to create a more collaborative and silo-free environment to better develop their offerings and get wider awareness.

Save Veterans’ Access to Non-Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain

Using ResistBot to allow users to use SMS or their favorite messaging application to seemlessly send a letter to their senators and representatives, we are making sure the VA correctly covers and reimburses the cost of necessary therapies.

We believe that a Medicare rule called "MPPR" is being incorrectly applied to certain treatments by the VA thus causing portions of the care to not be fully covered, and this campaign focuses on making sure this wrong is righted.

EndVetMedDebt is licensed under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) 4.0 License.