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End Veteran Debt - 501(c)(3)

End Veteran Debt is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private foundation and donations are tax deductible.

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 93-3739030.


Jerry Ashton

Let's Rethink This

Jerry is the CEO and Founder of Let's Rethink This. He arrives at that position from his key role in co-founding one of America’s fastest-growing and most impactful charities, RIP Medical Debt. In the seven short years in RIP’s existence since its founding in 2014, it has raised enough funds to enable it to purchase – and forgive – over $4 billion in unpayable medical debt to positively affect the lives of over 2.5 million Americans.

William Bronston, MD

Universal Healthcare Activist / Author

Dr. William Bronston founded the Student Health Organization in 1964, a nationwide graduate health science student movement dedicated to promoting universal health care as a human right, overcoming racism, sexism, war, poverty, and physician elitism in the health system as the greatest challenges facing society. He is the author of the book, “Public Hostage Public Ransom: Ending Institutional America".

Dina Magnes

Life Coach

Dina Magnes is a life coach, a visionary, and a consultant for entrepreneurs and non profit organizations who strive to better their communities. Magnes holds a diploma in Advanced Coaching from the University of New York (NYU). Dina had a successful run as a designer, business owner and executive in NYC's fashion industry. She then moved on to work with RIP Medical Debt, a non profit committed to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt in the US, and dedicated to removing the burden of medical debt for individuals, families and veterans across America.

Advisory Board

Mike Schmidt

Ensemble Ventures

Mike Schmidt is a Strategic Business Development and Tactical Marketing and Sales Professional / Entrepreneur skilled in new company formation, technology adaptation, and go-to-market sales and distribution channel development. A proven thought leader with 40 years of experience in the area of entrepreneurial innovation and seed stage start-up company formation, Mike has pioneered numerous technologies and managed start-up companies in the US, Central and South America, UK, and Asia. He is a Colorado Springs native and the founder and CEO of Ensemble Ventures, LLC a business development "Venture Ventilator"., and the Co-Founder and General Manager of Veteran Support Solutions, L3c. a Veteran Services Company also based in Colorado. LinkedIn profile.

Jay Carey


I joined the military on December 26, 1989. My assignments include the 1st Cavalry Division, Ft Cavazos TX(formerly Ft Hood), Ft Moore GA(formerly Ft Benning). Camp Casey Korea, Ft Irwin CA and Baumholder Germany. I have served as a Tank Crewman, Tank Gunner, Tank Commander, Tank Platoon Sergeant, M1A1 Tank Master Gunner, Senior Trainer at Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a Military Transition Team while in Iraq and Battalion Tactical Operations Center Officer in Charge while in Afghanistan.

Al Lewis

Validation Institute

Universally considered the leading authority on valid outcomes measurement. His two books on outcomes measurement both topped the trade bestseller list, while one earned kudos as the best healthcare book of 2012. He has been cited by the leadership of the Health Enhancement Research Organization as the #1 outcomes reviewer in the country.

Walter Brock

Founder of SupportVets App

Currently developing mobile technology to act as the framework to creating a nationwide Veteran support ecosystem. Veterans are worth it!

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington

Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington

Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington is an internal medicine physician, former health insurance executive, and the principal of Crush Medical Debt, which helps more than 100 million individuals, employees, ...
Meta J. Mereday

Meta J. Mereday

Founded VEDI Inc / Founded Influence DiCOTA
A 9-11 First Responder, Global DEI Strategist, Media Innovator, Business Development Leader and National Advocate for Veterans with a proven model that creates successful alliances and enhances com...
Steve Dilley, MFA

Steve Dilley, MFA

Executive Director Founder of VETART
Steve Dilley, the Director of the Veterans Art Project, (VETART) was moved after 9/11 to help Veterans, Active Duty and spouses through Art making in community. Steve has an MFA in Ceramics from Ca...
Connie Davis

Connie Davis

Founder, Restorative Commercial Officer
Embarking on a transformative journey after dedicating over 25 years to the dynamic realms of Banking, Payments and digital commerce, I emerged not only with a profound comprehension of data intric...

Executive Staff

Rick Johnson

VOI Health

As a U.S. Marine Corps leader for 30 years (Colonel, Rtd.) and entrepreneur in the healthcare technology industry, Rick has seen first-hand the devastating impact that untreated mental health issues have on individuals and their families. With confidence based on deep experience, he knows that sufficient focus, detection and treatment can dramatically improve mental health issues. Rick is responsible for the foundation’s mission and purpose and Contact One for government relations and partner acquisition.

Joel Stevens

Chief Technology Officer /
Life Coach

Joel is End Veteran Debt’s Technology Director and project manager for EVD’s web presence while providing consulting on the use of technology. With experience as a life coach, Joel provides additional consulting regarding mental health issues and solutions. He also oversees the  content for EVD’s monthly newsletter.

Phaedra Poliquin

Chief Marketing Officer /
Planning Facilitator

Phaedra Poliquin sports a multifaceted background in marketing and management ranging from the entertainment industry to corporate executive roles coordinating government campaigns. She has produced TEDx events, overseen blockchain literacy campaigns and was a co-organizer and Marketing mentor of the COVID 19 Global Hackathon.

As End Veteran Debt’s Marketing Director, Phaedra is responsible for managing our initiatives, she oversees the design and production of EVD promotional materials and directs the marketing campaigns of our partners and their campaigns.

Jamie Dang


Jamie Dang manages HR&A’s finances, accounting, business operations, compliance, and IT. As Chief Operating Officer for HR&A Advisors, Jamie oversees the firm’s finance and accounting, IT, and operations teams and is based in the corporate office in New York. She collaborates closely with Senior Leadership in all aspects of HR&A’s strategic initiatives, operations, and business planning.