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Jerry Ashton

Let's Rethink This

Jerry is the CEO and Founder of Let's Rethink This. He arrives at that position from his key role in co-founding one of America’s fastest-growing and most impactful charities, RIP Medical Debt. In the seven short years in RIP’s existence since its founding in 2014, it has raised enough funds to enable it to purchase – and forgive – over $4 billion in unpayable medical debt to positively affect the lives of over 2.5 million Americans.

Rick Johnson

VOI Health

Rick identifies and connects with organizations working to provide mental health care services to patients, employees, veterans, and service members. As a U.S. Marine Corps leader for 30 years, Rick has seen first-hand the devastating impact untreated mental health issues has on individuals and their loved ones. He is confident that, with sufficient focus, detection and effective treatment of mental health issues can be dramatically improved.

Dina Magnes

Life Coach

Dina Magnes is a life coach, a visionary, and a consultant for entrepreneurs and non profit organizations who strive to better their communities. Magnes holds a diploma in Advanced Coaching from the University of New York (NYU). Dina had a successful run as a designer, business owner and executive in NYC's fashion industry. She then moved on to work with RIP Medical Debt, a non profit committed to forgive billions in oppressive medical debt in the US, and dedicated to removing the burden of medical debt for individuals, families and veterans across America.

Advisory Board

William Bronston, MD

Doctor / Author

Appointed to consecutively become the Medical Director of 2 CA State departments serving till retirement for the following 25 years. His current total focus is now to establish the comprehensive transformation of our corporate totalitarian medical wealth transfer system with the most imaginative and democratic population based health care policy model – http://www.ourhealth.pub - as the center piece of a socialist rightful health care in our society.

Jay Carey


I joined the military on December 26, 1989. My assignments include the 1st Cavalry Division, Ft Cavazos TX(formerly Ft Hood), Ft Moore GA(formerly Ft Benning). Camp Casey Korea, Ft Irwin CA and Baumholder Germany. I have served as a Tank Crewman, Tank Gunner, Tank Commander, Tank Platoon Sergeant, M1A1 Tank Master Gunner, Senior Trainer at Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a Military Transition Team while in Iraq and Battalion Tactical Operations Center Officer in Charge while in Afghanistan.

Al Lewis

Validation Institute

Universally considered the leading authority on valid outcomes measurement. His two books on outcomes measurement both topped the trade bestseller list, while one earned kudos as the best healthcare book of 2012. He has been cited by the leadership of the Health Enhancement Research Organization as the #1 outcomes reviewer in the country.

Rev. Dr. McAllister

Global Leaders in Unity and Evolvement

A member of the Think7 Task Force on Peace, Governance, and Security, which leads policy engagements with the G7. A former commissioned officer in the US Army, he serves on the National Council of Churches Faith and Order Convening Table, the Theology Task Force of NCC’s Interreligious Convening Table, and is a Bonhoeffer Fellow of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning and Leadership of Hebrew College.

Owen Scott Muir, MD

Acacia Clinics
Senior VP for strategy

A dual board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, and co-author of Adolescent Suicide and Self-Injury: Mentalizing Theory and Treatment. He has held academic appointments at Hofstra-Northwell, NYU and Baylor, and is the Chief Medical Officer for iRxReminder, which is the recent recipient of an SBIR Grant from the NIMH for their work in AI identification of tardive dyskinesia. He is also the Senior VP for strategy at Acacia Clinics and an advisor to Brainify.ai.

Mike Schmidt

Ensemble Ventures

Strategic Business Development and Tactical marketing and sales professional / entrepreneur with integrated skills in both technology and marketing/sales disciplines. 40+plus years of international start-up company experience and management-level consulting engagements with many clients, large and small.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)




Mental health





Executive Staff

Phaedra Poliquin

Chief Marketing Officer /
Planning Facilitator

As Let's Rethink This’s Marketing Director, Phaedra is responsible for managing our initiatives, she oversees the design and production of our promotional materials as well as structuring and managing the marketing campaigns of our clients and their campaigns.

Joel Stevens

Chief Technology Officer /
Life Coach

Joel is Let's Rethink This’s technology director and project manager for LRT’s web presence and community ecology platform. He oversees the building of communities or families around impact issues, while also aggregating content for LRT’s monthly newsletter.

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