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Allies Essential to Victory
As you will be learning from an increasing number of news articles (the June 14 article from The Hill being the most prominent) and podcast intervi...

Guest Viewpoint

My Life is a Drain on My Family

Our floor is gone in the bathroom, the back deck is falling in, there is a hole in the kitchen floor, the toilet in the basement is broken, the house needs an overhaul, there are broken windows, the garage needs repair, the yard is terrible… …and...

He wiped out $10B in medical debt. Now he’s battling veteran debt

After launching a nonprofit that’s eliminated more than $10 billion of medical debt in the U.S., a Navy veteran is seeking to relieve the burden of debt for his fellow former service members.

Jerry Ashton leveraged his experience in the debt collection industry to launch Undue Medical Debt, formerly known as RIP Medical Debt, in 2014. By the time he stopped in 2020, the nonprofit had already bought out billions in medical debt across the county.

Now he hopes to do the same through his new organization End Veteran Debt, this time targeting fellow veterans, who he says are uniquely burdened by debt.

“The intention of End Veteran Debt is exactly that. It’s a twofold mission. One obviously is to end veteran debt and the other one is to reduce veteran suicide, which we find inseparable,” Ashton said.

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