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If they don’t know about you, they can’t do anything about you
That was my mantra and motivator when fellow debt collector Craig Antico and I co-founded the public 501(c)(3) charity RIP Medical Debt in January ...

Guest Viewpoint

My Life is a Drain on My Family

Our floor is gone in the bathroom, the back deck is falling in, there is a hole in the kitchen floor, the toilet in the basement is broken, the house needs an overhaul, there are broken windows, the garage needs repair, the yard is terrible… …and...

“Healing and Certifying” – Unique Project Helps Veterans Deal with Stress Disorders While Opening Up Income Opportunities

CT-based alternative therapy specialist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine/acupuncturist, Jeffrey Zimmerman of Harmonetiks and Jay van Schelt, Executive Director of The Harmonetiks Project have taken a fresh look at how healthcare therapy is delivered to veterans and arrived at an unusual approach: “Fix them, engage them, and train them to fix others.” Here’s the back story to this.

Jay, a Navy veteran, reconnected to Zimmerman in 2023 by a friend. Having worked together on a medical issue several years ago, Jay remembered that Zimmerman could provide relief to his wife’s back problems. After encouragement she agreed, and four weeks later was pain-free. 

That caught Jay’s attention. After many years of running his InnerChi/Mind/Body Institute in Avon CT where he employed his 30 years of training in eastern and martial arts, he knew his body could use a tune-up. A year later, 65 lbs. lighter and pain and stress-free, he knew that he had to work with Jeff to bring this little-known eastern form of healing to the world.

The Harmonetiks Project was born.

Also along the way, veterans were introduced to Jeff. One of them was Marine Corp sergeant Christian Benites who worked as a helicopter mechanic, crew chief, and flight engineer, who claimed to get considerable value from the therapy. 

“The mind-body-energy alignment and flow work has given me more clarity in my day-to-day activities,” Christian says. “It’s helped my breathing and reduced anxiety significantly. In this short amount of time, I feel as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.” 

He discussed with Jeff the need to develop a training program for military members going into special operations and special forces – preparing them for the personal and physical challenges of that branch of service. Jeff is currently working with a veteran Special Ops combat medic, Mike Williams.

Another veteran, Robert Caffrey, JD, LPC Maj. (Ret.) USAR was equally enthused.

“In my case, I struggle with PTSD which came about from my service with the United States Army Special Operations Command as a peacekeeper in Haiti in 1995 and Bosnia, in 1996. I also served in Iraq in the first year of the war and was in combat in Baghdad and its suburbs from 2003 to 2004.” 

The earliest motivator for Jeff and Jay to focus The Harmonetiks Project specifically on veterans and those on active duty was an introduction in mid-2022 to Navy veteran Jerry Ashton best known for co-founding the national charity RIP Medical Debt and no stranger to the importance of charitable organizations. 

Jerry had been developing Veteran Mission Possible (VMP) as a way for solution providers such as Jeff to gain greater public visibility. After experiencing one Harmonetiks session, he invited Jeff to join that community. He and his work were welcomed with open arms.

“Jeffrey, Jay, and The Harmonetiks Project are essential members of the VMP team in our important work of diminishing veteran suicide and removing VA-related medical debt,” Jerry emphasized.

“When I discovered Jerry Ashton’s connection with Military Veterans in Journalism (MVJ),” Jeff added,I immediately recognized its value as a source of military-savvy journalists, photographers, broadcasters, and bloggers. I joined MVJ and began the process of introducing my work.”

Fast Forward

Harmonetiks now touts its Harmonetiks 2.0 Methodology. This is a central element of the project, integrating modern neurobiology and trauma research with ancient practices like Qi Gong and yoga. It utilizes a "combination lock somatic unlocking approach" to harmonize the autonomic nervous system, effectively addressing stress and trauma-related issues.

Also available now are its training and certification programs. Structured training programs involving both practical and theoretical learning enable individuals to become certified Harmonetiks instructors. The curriculum includes various stages that focus on nourishing energy, building energy, and helping others. 

Emphasizing community impact and expansion, the Harmonetiks Project envisions a supportive community expanding through various phases. This will include organizing weekend retreats, establishing retreat locations, and eventually creating tiny home communities for veterans. 

You can learn more by visiting or contacting Executive Director Jay Van Schelt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jerry Ashton

End Veteran Debt & co-founder, RIP Medical Debt