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Allies Essential to Victory
As you will be learning from an increasing number of news articles (the June 14 article from The Hill being the most prominent) and podcast intervi...

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My Life is a Drain on My Family

Our floor is gone in the bathroom, the back deck is falling in, there is a hole in the kitchen floor, the toilet in the basement is broken, the house needs an overhaul, there are broken windows, the garage needs repair, the yard is terrible… …and...

Allies Essential to Victory

As you will be learning from an increasing number of news articles (the June 14 article from The Hill being the most prominent) and podcast interviews, such as this one with Pat Lynch of Women’s Radio Network and this interview with Michael McLafferty of Healthcare Maze, End Veteran Debt is beginning to create the public awareness necessary for a campaign the size of Operation Debt-Day.

Because, “If they don’t know about you, they can’t do anything about you.”

Even a national campaign, whose brazen mission is to reduce veteran suicide through abolishing $80,000,000 in veteran debt between June 6, 2024 and June 5, 2025, will not appear on anyone’s radar without a lot of help…and dedicated allies with media savvy. 

D-Day of 1944 is a good example. Even when 73,000 American troops hit the beaches of Normandy 80 years ago to liberate Europe, they were supported by 83,000 other military forces from Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Of the 4,414 Allied troops killed on D-Day, 2,501 of them were American.

Allies – “Partners” in our world – are essential to victory

Who will EVD’s allies be, and why are they equally committed?

It’s important to understand the battle ahead of us and the goal we intend to achieve – abolishing $80,000,000 in veteran debt symbolically amounting to $1M in veteran debt for each of the 80 years that have passed since 1944. 

Our strategy is to invite veteran and civilian organizations resonating to our work to partner with us in a massive 50/50 co-fundraising campaign to fund the debt forgiveness. Here it is, in large print.

EVD with each partner will co-commit to a fundraising goal of $50K. Fifty percent of these monies raised ($25K) goes to the Partner in unrestricted funds to support their local work and 50% ($25K) goes to EVD. Out of its share, EVD expends $20K to see that the debt is located, expunged, and letters sent to each recipient to advise them that this particular debt, regardless of the amount owed, will no longer be available to bill collectors. 

As part of our enrollment efforts, I recently returned to NYC after visiting with a unique Partner Candidate in San Diego, CA, the 501(c)(3) charity Indian Voices which has been published over the past quarter-century by the indomitable Rose Davis. Here’s a pdf of a recent issue.

Partnering with Rose and Indian Voices is of particular value to Operation Debt-Day. 

First, by representing the Afro-native (often called “Black Indians” through intermarriage between the indigenous American and people of African descent). Secondly, as a journalist to be part of EVD’s Media Central (Now Hear This) which boasts members from the Military Veterans in Journalism and media-savvy reporters from the black and Hispanic minority communities – members of which have always been hit hardest by predatory debt and debt of necessity.

We’re uniting to change that storyline.

If you are a veteran or civilian charity, or a member of the faith-based community who resonates with this mission we invite you to reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be prepared to roll up your sleeves.